Welcome to DeBord Construction.

A family tradition is being continued in Boston. My grandfather had a construction business in Idaho that he started during World War II. He began his business building huge wooden hangers for dirigibles that were to be used in the war effort. While home one summer, I visited his old shop and storage area; we called it the boneyard. Everything cast off from old jobs - wood, tools, machinery, keepsakes and such - could be found there, including an old rusting pickup truck. When I saw that old pickup with the rusting logo, I knew that his sign would be the one I would hang out for my new business. The logo reminds me of a crown, and I am proud to work everyday under the sign that my grandfather made.

With my grandfather's spirit guiding me, I'm enjoying success with my clients, creativity with my hands, and satisfaction in my soul.

Timeless. Original. Beautiful. Elegant. Spacious. Livable. Detailed. Well Executed. Seamless. Creative. Polished. Quality. Exceptional. Vision. Style.

I offer detail, vision, energy, quality, livability, and integrity to your living ideas. Construction is about change and making our living spaces the best they can be - Please peruse these projects and see "our" ideas in action. You'll be surprised with what I can do with your space.